London Cardiac Arrest Symposium Conference Information

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The Douglas Chamberlain Lecture
Dr David Zideman

Day 1 – Cardiac Arrest Symposium
Introduction Introduction
Dr Gareth Davies
Dr Richard Lyon TOPCAT
Dr Richard Lyon
Professor Simon Redwood Post Cardiac Arrest Syndrome
Professor Simon Redwood
Professor Tim Harris USS and Cardiac Arrest
Professor Tim Harris
Professor Charles Deakin Cardiogenic Shock After ROSC
Professor Charles Deakin
Professor Bryan McNally CARES - Cardiac Arrest Registries
Professor Bryan McNally
Dr David Zideman
Professor Karim Brohi Open Chest Cardiac Massage
Professor Karim Brohi
Dr David Menzies First Responder Schemes
Dr David Menzies
Dr Matt Thomas Neuroprotective Strategies
Dr Matt Thomas
Professor Eldar Soreide Excellence and Good Outcome Related to OHCA
Professor Eldar Soreide
Professor Daniel Davis High Peforming Hospital Team
Professor Daniel Davis
Day 2 – Cardiac Master Class
Mr Mark Whitbread Dispatch - Needle in a Hay Stack
Mr Mark Whitbread
Dr Ajay Jain Maximising Cardiac Output during a Cardiac Arrest
Dr Ajay Jain
Dr Richard Lyon Options In Cooling
Dr Richard Lyon
Dr Tom Hurst ROSC - Now What?
Dr Tom Hurst
Professor Simon Redwood The Problem Of Persistent VF
Professor Simon Redwood
Professor Simon Redwood The ARREST Trial
Professor Simon Redwood
Professor Eldar Soreide Cardiac Arrest Centres
Professor Eldar Soreide
Professor Maaret Castren RCT of Pre-hospital Induction of Mild Hypothermia in OHCA using
a Rapid Infusion of 4◦c Normal Saline

Professor Maaret Castren
Dr Richard Lyon 3RU Demo
Dr Richard Lyon
Dr Roger Bloomer Pre-Hospital Trifasicular Block - A Case Review
Dr Roger Bloomer
Professor Eldar Soreide Thrombolysis and Cardiac Arrest
Professor Eldar Soreide
Professor Charles Deakin Post ROSC Anaesthesia
Professor Charles Deakin