London Cardiac Arrest Symposium Conference Information

Close of Symposium
Professor Douglas Chamberlain

Introduction Introduction
London Cardiac Arrest Symposium
Anne Weaver Welcome and Introduction
Dr. Anne Weaver
Jerry Overton Automated CPR in Prehospital Environment
Mr. Jerry Overton
Dr. Andrew Grace Cardiac Arrest in the Young
Dr. Andrew Grace
Dr. Lars Wik CIRC Update
Dr. Lars Wik
Professor Simon Redwood An Interventionalist Cardiologist's View of Sudden Cardiac Death
Professor Simon Redwood
Dr. Anna Green A Histopathologist's View of Sudden Cardiac Death
Dr. Anna Green
Professor Maaret Castren KEYNOTE - Cool to be Cold
Professor Maaret Castren
Dr. Jim Connolly USS During Cardiac Arrest
Dr. Jim Connolly
Chris Solomons Cardiac Arrest - A Personal View
Mr. Chris Solomons
Sanjay Sharma Cardiac Arrest in Sporting Events
Professor Sanjay Sharma
Chris Solomons Future of Cardiac Arrest Management for Paramedics
Mr. Mark Whitbread
Dr. Barney Scholefield Paediatric Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
Dr. Barney Scholefield
Professor Chamberlain Close of Symposium with Professor Douglas Chamberlain